Project Details

Real Image & 3D Animation



Let us take you inside the human body, in a collection of 3’ bullet episodes, to discover the most common diseases and how they work, how do they act and respond, how they behave, all with the help of an easy and digestible language and the incredible 3D Images to illustrate.

The 3D animation will mix with real image, where we will see our protagonist with the initial symptoms.

Our host will guide us, with a warm voice-over, an agile rhythm, with absolute rigor but always with a light narrative so we can all understand what is happening to our bodies.

We will witness first-hand how the body defends itself, highlighting the curiosities of the symptoms, some of them not so obvious to us:

  • Why do we have muscle pain when we have the flu?
  • Why are there different types of cough?

With the highest 3D quality images, we will show what happens inside our body, documenting how the incredible human machine works and how it deals with their invaders in a collection of episodes that can be used as a recurrent source of information.

EPISODES: Arthritis, diabetes, COVID-19, Asthma, Anemia, Hepatitis, Stress, Obesity, Cavities, Hypertension, Ictus, Sinus, Urine infection, Flu, Heart attack.