Project Details

Real Image & 3D Animation



The human body is an incredible machine, capable of creating life and survive unbelievable challenges. It has an incredibly complex ecosystem, just like the elements the Universe is made of.

In the Great Adventure of the Human Body, we will follow our main characters’ life, a man and a woman, people like us, through the common physical evolution, from birth to death.

Our host will guide us through all the natural steps in a compelling storytelling and, with the help of incredible 3D animation, we will immerse ourselves inside the human body in a journey like no other.

In each episode we will see the usual stages of life: infancy and adolescence, youth, maturity, old age and death. We will show you how the body functions, the different systems, the amazing organs that keep us alive.

We will witness how all these elements develop, how they work for us, and how they get old with time.

Also, we will show you the peculiarities of our organism, how we create 25 million cells per second, how the kidney only takes 5 minutes to filter all the blood in the body, how is it possible that babies have more bones than an adult or why the right lung is bigger than the left …

All of this and more, in a language understandable for everyone.

Are you excited to begin your body’s discover with us?