Project Details

Real Image & 3D Animation



8 rooms, 8 patients, 8 different lives affected by 8 different diseases.

Everyone wants to know what’s happening. The doctors, the patients, their families, all want to understand what is going to happen. Fear, nerves, stress, difficult personal situations …

We want to show our audience, with the help of an incredible array of the latest generation 3D images, what these diseases are doing to our bodies.

The absolute best way to picture it and hopefully understand it in a simple, yet rigorous language. We are not machines; however, our bodies work like the most incredible mechanism ever created, that sometimes fails.

With the help of doctors and our 3D images, we will take our audience on an incredible journey inside their bodies to see, firsthand, what is happening. We will talk to the patients and family members about how they are feeling and what their fears are.

A journey of incredible education, entertainment and awareness for everyone to understand.